Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell System Design and Integration
System Integration module

The system integration module will perform an overall mass, momentum and energy balance to determine the process parameters and the output performance. These process parameters and output performance will be used as a base for calculating the cost of power production from the system. Effect of different parameters on the performance will be studied through sensitivity analysis and optimum operating parameters values will be obtained. An interdisciplinary research effort is currently under way to develop a system level approach towards the innovative manufacturing of PEM fuel cell power generation system. A number of research thrusts at UA are initially centered on the development of new materials with low cost and improved performance for fuel cell components. The expertise developed on single components by different research thrusts would be integrated into fuel cell subsystems and eventually into a full-fledged PEMFC power system unit. The results will then be compared with the simulations from the System Integration Module.